Tartaric Acid NATURAL (L+)

Tartaric Acid
Tartaric Acid

Tartaric Acid NATURAL (L+)

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Tartaric Acid is a Acidifier, antioxidant, flavor enhancer and stabilizing agent used in wine production and other aspects of food preparation

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Tartaric Acid is used in the food industry (production of tinned food, jam, jelly, confectionery and biscuits in general, soft drinks and table waters; acidifier in wine-making). Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry (preparation of medicines, effervescent tablets and soluble drubs; excipient and acidifier in syrups and antibiotics; production of natural beauty cream for face and body) and technical (retarding agent in the preparation of gypsum, used in the formulation of waterproof cements and heat-insulator; it is also used in textiles, tannings, ceramics, galvanoplastics and cleaning agents).


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